You’ve heard the saying, “kids are like sponges, they absorb everything!” The reason you’ve heard it so many times is because it’s true. The saying is especially accurate for toddlers and preschool-aged children. They have a natural desire to learn and learn very quickly, which is why it is incredibly important to begin teaching math skills at an early age.


Prosperity Day School offers a full range of child care programs for children of all ages and offers enrichment programs unique to every age group to ensure your child’s success. While our programs are designed to engage children during the day, parents have an important role and a unique opportunity to expand children’s learning at home too! If you’re looking for fun and simple strategies to teach your child math skills from home, then you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to browse our page for more helpful information about our child care programs in Palm Beach Gardens and enroll your child today!


  1. Begin Counting
    Children can learn numbers and start to count as early as two years old. Although every child is different, parents can begin to teach numbers at home through repetition. Your child will easily memorize numbers that you repeat to them and use in your conversations. As mentioned, not every child will learn numbers the same way. So what may have worked for your two-year-old’s sibling, may not work the same for the two-year-old. Once your child has caught on to counting one through 10, you’re ready to start with some basic math principles.
  2. Everyday Objects Work Best
    No need to rush to the store and stock up on supplies, you already have everything you need right at home. Children will be able to easily associate math with everyday items they see and use on a regular basis. Items like pennies, cereal, toy cars, buttons, stuffed animals, or anything that you have multiples of will work just as well. To expand their knowledge and enhance their counting abilities, mix up the objects to teach your child that counting is more than repetition.
  3. Play Games
    There is a large market for children’s learning games that cater to children of all ages and different skill levels. Flashcards are very effective and popular among children that are learning basic math skills like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Other games like Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Chutes and Ladders utilizes counting and lets children practice their numbers in a fun way. Feel free to get creative and create your own math game, but instead of using a pencil and paper, take the learning outside. Find sidewalk chalk and let your child draw numbers on the pavement or driveway so math can become a fun activity that they will enjoy.
  4. Balloon Scavenger Hunt
    For a fun counting game for preschool-aged children, the balloon scavenger hunt is a great activity to mix up the routine of counting that engages your child. Simply inflate 10 balloons (or more if your child counts higher than 10) and number each balloon with a permanent marker and hide each balloon throughout your house. Send your child on a counting scavenger hunt, but ask your little one to collect balloons in numerical order. Once all of the balloons are collected in the correct order, your preschooler will enjoy playing with the balloons and creating other games.
  5. Natural Opportunities
    You’d be surprised how many opportunities come up during normal, everyday activities that you can slip in mathematical references. Look for scenarios like how many minutes are left until it’s bedtime, or while your child is drawing, or even with they are snacking on their favorite foods.


Math is a crucial part of life and will be used throughout your child’s entire education and beyond. Prosperity Day School utilizes every tool we have to engage your child in basic math skills while they spend their time at our daycare center, but we do not want to underestimate the power that parents have at home. Children thrive when they are comfortable and engaged, and there is no better place than learning at home through the tools and activities they use every day!


If you’re looking for a daycare center in Palm Beach Gardens that supports your child’s learning just as much as their physical activity, contact Prosperity Day School and schedule a tour today!