Palm Beach Gardens toddler program

Toddlers (12 – 24 months)

toddlerToddlers are always on the go. They’re eager to play and are constantly interacting with their environment, sometimes in ways that may not be best for them. But above everything, toddlers are always ready to learn. Many experts believe that most two-year-olds have a vocabulary of 200 to 300 words and add around 10 new words to that pool every day. Toddlers love to emulate the ones closest to him or her: their parents. They’ll often do activities or chores to try and be just like mom and dad.

At Prosperity Day School, our programs will help teach your toddler everything they need to thrive, and then some. Our toddler programs are designed to help further language as well as fine and gross motor skills that are necessary to thrive in the world around them. When it comes time to play, our outdoor play area is perfect for little climbers and adventurers. It’s also shaded to ensure comfort for all of the children in our care. Each week our highly trained childcare staff picks a new “Theme of the Week,” which encourages creativity through hands-on activities. Toddler programs from Prosperity provide many opportunities for children to express themselves in different ways.

If you’re interested in signing your son or daughter up for one of our quality toddler programs or want to take a tour of our childcare center in Palm Beach Gardens, fill out the form to the right or contact Prosperity Day School today to learn more. Prosperity is more than just a daycare, your toddler will learn and grow with a curriculum designed to help them thrive. See what else Prosperity can do for you below.