Can you believe it’s already August? Summer has a habit of flying by at about the same speed that your child seemed to have when they suddenly grew into a preschooler. In Palm Beach, this can mean that the weather is getting sticky and humid, the kids are growing antsy, and one of the best things to do to beat the heat comes in the form of crafts.

These craft ideas match the mindset of Prosperity Day School, where fun and creativity combine to build an enriching learning experience for your youngster. Check out these crafts to try as the summer comes to a close, and enroll in Prosperity Day School for infant day care, toddler programs, preschool and more!

Musical Madness

Use materials around the house to create some awesome instruments with your toddler or preschooler! Have your child decorate the bottom of two paper plates with any coloring materials you have on hand. Once the coloring has finished, staple the plates together (so that the bottom is on the outside for each plate) nearly all the way, but leaving a temporary gap. Help your child fill in the plates with dry beans, then staple the rest of the plate to make a homemade tambourine!

Experiment with different “fillers” for the tambourine, such as paper clips, dry cereal, or anything else you can think of. Ask your preschooler what the differences in sound are. For an inquiry-based extension, ask what they predict would happen if you filled it with cotton balls, water, or other substances (and don’t be afraid to try it, too!)

Other instruments can be constructed with ease, creating a full band! Try filling up glasses with different levels of water, then having your preschooler lightly tapping the outside of a glass with a spoon. For another idea, stretch rubber bands over different surfaces, and have kids experiment with plucking the homemade strings (reminiscent of a string instrument). These crafts help work on fine motor skills, musical development, imagination, and so much more!

Summer Treasure Chest

Work with your preschooler to create a memory box of some of their favorite moments from this past summer. Start by making a list of some of their most significant events—did they see finally see their favorite animal at the zoo? Did they love going to the pool every week? Anything that stood out to them is a great memory to record (and they don’t just have to be good memories, either—reflecting on tougher times is a great processing strategy).

After compiling a list, talk with them about finding symbols or objects that will serve as reminders for their memories over the summer. Combine these objects into a box or container of sorts, one that you are fine with them decorating. They will love going back through the years looking at what stood out to them when they were a preschooler!

Flower Pressing for Four-Year-Olds

Pressing flowers or other plants is a really easy craft for children of nearly any age to enjoy! Find some local flora on a walk or exploration, and help your child safely collect their specimens of choice. Talk about the importance of collecting etiquette, such as not taking flowers from someone’s yard or garden. After collection, line a heavy book (like a telephone book) with wax paper, carefully place the plants, then weight the book down, leaving undisturbed for a week to 10 days.

This is an excellent craft that encourages scientific exploration, as well as patience! If your child is struggling with patience, this craft serves as an excellent discussion point with a concrete example of patience in action. Feel free to provide a demonstration of what happens if we aren’t patient, and take the flowers out early.

Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to enjoy these days with your kiddos. Try out these summer crafts for a great way to celebrate the last few weeks of the season, and enroll your preschoolers with Prosperity Day School in Palm Beach!