Learn how to make Halloween costumes for your toddler and get other child care tips

On the hierarchy of holidays, Halloween is probably in the top three for kids. Not only do they get to stay up late, but they get to hangout with their parents and get free candy. Aside from safety, your child’s costume is your top priority. Balancing that cute factor with functionality is an absolute must when it comes to Halloween costumes for toddlers. If you’re still unsure of what you want to dress your little one up as and would rather make a costume than buy one from the store, then you’re in luck! Prosperity Day School has made this blog to help you create the best costume for your toddler this Halloween. We’ll have costumes of all kinds for both girls and boys, all of which you’ll be able to make from home or with a simple stop at your favorite super market.

A Witch/Wizard

There’s nothing that says Halloween quite like a witch. But instead of green and spooky, your toddler will be cute and ready for some candy. The best thing about this costume is how easy it is to put together because all you’ll really need to get is a pointy witch’s hat to complete the costume. Complete the look with a combination of a dark sweater and lighter tootoo or a black sweater and striped pants. You’re limited only by your imagination and wardrobe. Add a mini broomstick or toy cat to complete the costume.

For boys that want to partake in the spellcasting costume, a wizard outfit is a great way to go. You can dress them up as a character from the popular Harry Potter franchise by simply adding a dark sweater, jeans, a robe or cape, and a washable lightning bolt mark. For the funnier parents, buy a fake grey beard for your child to sport as you all walk about searching for candy. Fashion a stick into a wand and you’ll have the perfect wizard costume for your toddler.

Their Favorite Pro AthleteTrick or Treat Halloween Themed Illustration

Is your daughter crazy about football? Does your son go nuts over baseball? Dress them up as their (or your) favorite player this Halloween for a slam dunk, slap shot, touchdown, or grand slam of a costume. All you need is a t-shirt with the player you want’s name and number. You can make it yourself or buy an official one from your favorite store or website. Add a hat or helmet for even more team spirit or go all out and get an entire outfit. Buy baseball pants and a glove for your baseball star, a basketball jersey and shorts for your basketball lover, or a full set of football pads for your gridiron fanatic.

An Owl

This one may take some work, but the payoff will be well worth it in the end. A trip to your local craft store will give you all the supplies you need for this costume. Get two or three shades of brown fabric, using a combination of light and dark, and bust out that sewing machine. Make oversized sleeves for the wings and use textured fabrics as feathers. If you don’t have a sewing machine or an ability to sew, a brown shirt and some wings are a fine alternative. You can find an oversized owl hat online or make one with the leftover materials from your toddler’s owl costume. Either way your son or daughter will look adorable as he or she flutters about in his or her new favorite Halloween outfit. Just remember to take lots of pictures!

A Pumpkin

The classic go-to Halloween costume, pumpkins are easy to make and super versatile. You can make just about anything into a pumpkin costume. Grab some fabric and felt from your favorite crafting store. Grab a new or old orange t-shirt and draw a jack o’lantern face on the front, pairing it with green pants and an orange hat. Paint an unused cardboard box orange, and cut some holes out for your toddler’s head and arms. You can even buy a pumpkin costume from your favorite grocery store or Halloween shop. With many different options available, pumpkin costumes are popular for a reason.

Everyone at Prosperity Day School hopes this blog has helped narrow down your costume ideas for your toddlers. If you’re looking for child care in Palm Beach Gardens this fall, the professional day care center Prosperity Day School is here to help. Learn more about Prosperity Day School, view our toddler programs, or contact us to answer any questions.