Child care tips on how to prepare for back to school

Summer has been in full swing for several weeks now but before we know it, we’ll be spending our mornings scrambling to pack lunches and rushing out the door to get to school in time. Before the first day of school sneaks up on you, now is the time to start planning, organizing, and preparing for the upcoming school year.


As your children mentally prepare for the first day of school, they are thinking about things like which teacher they will have, or if their best friend will be in the same classroom, and what color lunch box they should have — as their parent, you’re anticipating a big transition. In today’s blog, we’ll address the upcoming anxiety and help prepare you to ensure this school year starts off on the right foot.

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10 Tips for Parents to Kick-Start This School Year

First, take a few slow, deep breaths, and let the anxiety and nerves escape you. You have a child who is going into preschool! This is an exciting milestone that you should be celebrating. We know, that’s much easier said than done. For this reason, we came up with a few suggestions to help you stay ahead of the chaos, for now anyway.

  • Start a sleep routine. Mornings are stressful as it is and they’re about to get busier. Begin your school sleep routine a week or two in advance to let everyone’s bodies adjust to an early morning.
  • Shop for school supplies. Don’t wait until the week of the first day of school to go school supply shopping. One reason is because all of the good stuff will be picked over and you may find yourself making multiple stops in order to get everything you need. Another reason is that you’ll be fighting the crowds causing more stress on yourself.
  • Establish a school routine. While you’re getting everyone back into a sleep routine, you should try to enforce the upcoming school night routine in advance, especially for preschoolers. Wake them up at the same time every morning, make sure they get dressed right away, eat breakfast and brush their teeth all in a timely fashion will make a smooth transition.
  • Create an after-school plan. Come up with a plan for after school and remind your preschooler of the routine everyday leading up to the first day of school. This ensures that the plan is fresh in their head and they know where they need to go at the end of the school day.
  • Turn off the TV. If your household got comfortable with free range of the TV and full-access to video games, mobile devices, and tablets — it’s time to shut them off. Designate a time every night when the electronics need to be put away and encourage your children to read a book or draw a picture to unwind for the evening and prepare for an earlier bedtime.
  • Get yourself organized. Now that the routines are established and put into place, it’s time for you to get organized. Pack lunches for the next day before you head to bed, set aside outfits for the next day (including yours), set your alarm clock for ten minutes before you’re supposed to get up, and most importantly, set the coffee pot timer to begin brewing first thing in the morning. Additionally, find a spot in the house where backpacks will go, where homework will be done, and where important school documents go, and get a calendar to mark down important dates.
  • Schedule a yearly checkup. Updated vaccinations and annual checkups is generally a requirement of most schools. Schedule your family’s before the last minute when everyone else is rushing to schedule theirs.


Preparation and organization are essential to ensure your family has a smooth transition to entering a new school year. After a few months of taking it easy, summer break is destined to come to an end, but it doesn’t have to end so abruptly. Ease into the school year and make slight adjustments to your routine — you and your family will be much more appreciative come the first week of school.


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