Any parent or day care provider can speak on behalf of the undeniable fact: kids grow up way too fast. One minute you’re holding them in your arms, the next minute, they’re off to high school. Yet one of the most major periods of growth and development happens within the first year of a child’s life. Knowing which developmental milestones to expect can help your infant stay on the best track for their overall development.

Prosperity Day School offers infant day care, as well as toddler and preschool programs, and we are the trusted day school choice of parents all across the Palm Beach Gardens area. Read on to learn about infant developmental milestones, and contact Prosperity Day School to find out more about enrollment!

Birth to Three Months

During this time, you should see your baby start to smile. WebMD explains that initially, babies just smile to themselves, but within a few months, they start to smile in response to other smiles. Babies will start to track objects with their eyes, and bring their hands to their mouth. One of the other biggest developmental changes during this time is subtle, but so important—infants should be able to raise their head and chest when on their belly. These coordination and motor skills are critical to watch for, and celebrate when they happen!

Four to Six Months

This is the period in an infant’s development where they will likely start to babble and use their voice. Babies can reach out for and grab objects, and start developing the use of their hands and corresponding grasping motions. Additionally during this time, an infant’s head control is significantly stronger than before.

Seven to Nine Months

For many babies, the seven to nine month age is where crawling starts to happen. Once your child develops this skill, they will be on the go! They might start to respond to their name, or saying a few words. Also during this time is when many babies can learn to pull themselves up to a standing position.

10 to 12 Months

The pincer grasp (the ability to hold small objects between the thumb and forefinger) starts to develop during this time, as well as beginning to take the first few steps. Words will also start to pick up, but as with walking, there is a huge range of when these specific milestones take place.

Milestones in General

One of the most important things to remember about infant milestones is that they rarely happen all in a precise, linear, expectant manner. Some babies develop language skills earlier, and physical/motor skills later, or vice versa. More than anything, trust your gut when it comes to your child. If you feel like something is off, talk with a doctor. The earlier an intervention can begin, the better, but with milestones as a whole, sometimes certain developments just take time.

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