Infant care in Palm Beach Gardens

When you are looking for a daycare for your infant, there are some qualities you will want the daycare to have before you consider leaving your precious baby in their care. For a daycare to say they care for the needs of a child is saying a lot. Here at Prosperity Day School, we care for children from the age of six weeks to five years. Between the time between when a child is six weeks old and still in the fog of being a newborn to five years old when they are ready to conquer the world, their needs change dramatically. Their needs include basic physical needs, emotional stability, and developmental encouragement. This week’s blog will take a closer look at the needs of infants.

Infants and Their Sensory Development

One thing to remember about newborns is that it must take a lot of energy to be so tiny, cute, and adorable because they sleep so much! They are staying awake for longer periods now, and in the periods when they are awake, they are explorers. They will be developing their basic senses in the first year of their life.

  • They are discovering their hands and learning to use them. You might have noticed that they now have a good grip and can hold small objects.
  • They will also show you a real, emotion-driven smile around this time. Before this, it could have been a bit of abdominal discomfort making their face look like they were smiling, but around six weeks, they will be interacting with caregivers on a personal level.
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Vision and Language Development

  • Their vision is developing, and they will see the full range of colors by the time they about 12 weeks old.
  • As they approach their first birthday, they will start to develop hand-eye coordination, and there are plenty of toys that encourage this essential skill.
  • Their vision develops more fully over the next few months with the development of depth perception and  improved clarity.
  • An infant is also putting together cognitive skills that will play a large role throughout their whole lives. One of these skills is language, and we make sure the babies in our care are exposed to language.
  • The more exposure to language (including multiple languages), the more the language center of the brain develops, so talking to a baby is very important.
  • To meet the needs of infants, we make sure they are stimulated by black and white objects and then color objects that encourage hand-eye coordination.

Emotional Needsdreamstime_xxl_64646551

  • Babies need to bond with people. We also make sure the babies are spoken to and interacted with many times a day. We pay them personal attention.
  • You have undoubtedly noticed that babies are great mimics. From their earliest days, they will imitate your face movements. Try sticking out your tongue at a newborn, and you’ll be delighted to see their little pink tongue popping right back out at you.

The best thing you can do to find the right place for infant daycare is to visit facilities, meet the caregivers, and watch how they interact with the children in their care. Call Prosperity Day School today to schedule a visit with us.