There is almost no time in your life when time will go by faster than watching your child grow from an infant to entering kindergarten. The day they go off to start schooling is a rite of passage, and it is up to you to make sure they are as ready for kindergarten as possible. One of the best things you can do for them to make sure this goes off without a hitch is to enroll them in a quality preschool program. If your child is going to be ready for this big step in the fall, you might be looking around to find the program that is right for you and them, and you might be wondering what to look for. In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss some of the top qualities the preschool program you choose should have.

Multiple Modes of Learning are Used

You’ll probably remember, from your own school days, taking a learning style inventory to see how you learn most effectively. Children are the same—they learn through different modes. Some children learn best through listening or talking something through, while others learn through actively doing, some learn best in social groups, and some learn best alone. When you are looking at programs, be sure to ask if they introduce new concepts using modes of learning. Connected to this idea, is that teachers should be interactive with students. Good teachers talk about new ideas to students—they don’t just present it—and give an assignment. Chances to ask questions and to clarify are key to students learning.

Daily Reading Time

Who amongst us doesn’t fondly remember the time during the day when a teacher would gather the students around her feet, to read out loud? According to, such a simple thing contributes to a child’s learning on many levels. They learn to control themselves, they practice paying attention and respect, they learn literacy skills such as how new word sounds when reading out loud. When reading time is followed by supplementary learning opportunities, learning is turbo-boosted. One keystone to learning that can be taught during out-loud reading is phonemic awareness. This indicator of future literacy is the intellectual connection between letters and the sounds they make.


While it is your child in the classroom every day, communication between the preschool teachers and administration need to have established communication methods. As the parent, you’ll want to know how your child during the day, if there were milestones reached, disciplinary issues, or bumps or bruises that need to be explained. When you tour the facility of the program you are considering, be sure to ask how these types of issues are communicated to the parents.

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