The perfect day care services can be hard to find. Between the curriculum, location, and facility, you’ll want to find a daycare center that’s conducive to healthy learning and expression for your child. Here at Prosperity Day School, we offer some of the best day care services in Palm Beach Gardens for children ages five weeks to 11 years old. Blogs in this category will help you understand the importance of your child’s developmental needs, how to teach your kids to be more emotionally intelligent, and other amazing child care tips to help you and your family. Find a blog in this category that interests you, and be sure to schedule a free tour of our Palm Beach Gardens daycare center.

  1. Learn why you should read to your infant and other child care tips

    Why You Should Read To Your Infant

    Reading a book before bedtime is a popular evening routine for parents and young children, and has been for hundreds of years. There are many benefits of parents reading to their toddlers, but many pa…Read More

  2. Infant Developmental Milestones

    Any parent or day care provider can speak on behalf of the undeniable fact: kids grow up way too fast. One minute you’re holding them in your arms, the next minute, they’re off to high school. Yet…Read More

  3. Child care tips on how to teach kids how to read

    Teaching Kids How To Read

    Teaching kids to read is one of the most rewarding parts of a teacher’s career. At Prosperity Day School, the teachers at out Palm Beach Gardens child care center have the privilege of teaching youn…Read More